Exhibition of Israeli Art, Museum of Modern Art, Haifa.

“This interesting work by a young Haifa artist, aged 27, was suggested by the prayer “praise Him to the Sound of Trumpets, Harp and Fiddle.” A part from its strong composition and color arrangement, the picture replies to those who query the attitude of Israel youth to religion. The trusting figures depicted, and the blue on white of their clothing come from Bonneh himself. On the other hand, the harpist, even in his placing, recalls Chagall’s illustration to the Bible. The trumpeters echo the angels in a certain Della Francesca “Nativity” and the attempt at mathematical partitioning of the work must be ascribed to the same artist. The light blue and gold so prominent in the background undoubtedly, eminent from Fra Angelico.”


E. Harris, “The Jerusalem post”, 9.8.1957











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