One-artist exhibition at Bet Ha’am Museum, Neve Shaanan.



“Surprise at its maturity was the reaction of the art critics and connoisseurs to the exhibition of Shmuel Bonneh’s paintings. At the age of twenty-two, a professional surveyor, he has travelled the byways of Galilee which have left a deep impression on his work. A piquant item among Bonneh’s 40 paintings: “The Muezzin calls the Faithful to Prayer”, embellished with quotations from the Koran.”


Raphael Bashan “Yediot Ahronot” 12.12.1952




“Shmuel Bonneh is a professional surveyor. He frequently visits the villages of Galilee, and his works are imbued with the life of the Orient and of the Arab village. However, he does not approach his subject as a mere ‘illustrator’ of ‘exotic’ life. His artistic style is totally ‘oriental primitive’. Not only does he use oriental folk elements – dishes, carpets, etc. – but his painterly style is also oriental, integrating the colours of the Persian carpets. From this internal closeness to the life of the village and its inhabitants, he attains, with no inner conflict or artifice, an absolutely natural biblical subject … Bonneh’s colour is lush, brilliant in its depth and rare transparency … Two trends are evident in his work: one is impressionist, very painterly and full of charm and lyricism; in the other the artist has, all at once, achieved a modern style of independent line and colour.”


Zeev Goldman “Haaretz” 12.12.1952

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exhibitoin in Neve Shaanan
תערוכת ציורים בנוב שאנן