Young Artists at Haifa Museum of Modern Art.

“The general level is high – many are worthy of consideration, but here we can only remark on a few in whom the exhibition arouses particular attention to their talents. Shmuel Bonneh is, as they say, the “discovery” of this exhibition. A Haifa-ite, former pupil of Shemi, 25 years old. His large canvas “Tilling the Soil” fulfils his aim of solving the problem of painted areas and faithfulness to the Israeli landscape. This is a symbolic oriental carpet, at its centre a bull and a farmer. The signs of the zodiac symbolize knowledge of working the soil, of country life. All this in lively, decorative colours. His semi-abstract works display an original, impressive attention to spacing.”


Dr. Edit Varga, “Davar” 28.5.1955


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