One-artist Exhibition, Musee de l’Athenee, Geneva .
Gneva, Switzerland

“One must bear in mind that he is deeply imbued with the history of Israel, rooted in the intersecting foundations of oriental, Byzantine and Islamic art. In his paintings one senses this, in their richness, their fierce, powerful colour.”


“Le Tribune de Geneve” 15.5.1969




“An iconographer of the Talmud, whose contemporary art is powerfully influenced by the Orient. His ability as a teller of tales is evident in his glowing colour, free construction and lines that imbue his images with a monumental character.”


“Le Courrier” 5.5.1969




“Bonneh creates religious paintings in essence and form. His illustrations of the Bible employ traditional iconography that he revives in a contemporary idiom. … His modern icons are geometrical, and very carefully constructed. …This art, weighted with folklore and tradition, has its own grace.”


“Journal de Geneve” 5.5.1969



“Twenty-five canvases and 20 gouaches illuminate the rooms with their play of colour. The prime quality of this young artist is his palette. Bonneh is, first and foremost, a colourist. The colouring of each oil or gouache is unmistakably his, of wonderful harmony, whether aggressive and wild or soft and gentle. This artist is a magician of colour. His art displays honesty and depth, the tragic aspect is softened by imagination and fantasy. The works are soaked in the atmosphere, the light and spiritual climate of his country, and is also connected with tradition and religion. Readings of the Bible and the Talmud are significant in his works, revealing his mystic aspect.”


“La Suisse” 12.5.1969




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