One-artist Exhibition Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv.

“Bonneh is almost the only artist who succeeds in transferring his biblical vision to the present, to actuality. His compositions are renewed versions of our old folk tales. …The emotions that nourish Bonneh’s art can be summed up in a few words: undying love for the history of his people. He succeeds in impressing his aesthetic on the historical background, but does not depart from universal principles. He abides exactly by the laws of painting. …He is, above all, a painter of feeling, and this the viewer, no matter what his artistic preferences may be, cannot ignore. … Expressionist? Definitely, but not one of those who present a gloomy vision. Accordingly, his art, his style, his technique have strong impact. They turn his paintings into accurate presentations of human ability. …He has discovered the secret of creating a close bond between colour and emotion.”


Zvi Sas “l’Information” December 1975


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