Shmuel Bonneh


1930  Born in the town of Mezrich,

1936  Immigrated to the land of Israel 
          with his family, settled in  Haifa.

Went to "Amami Alef" primary school and to the Technical school associated with the Technion Israel Technological Institute in Haifa.

1942  Joined the youth movment
          “Hamachanot Ha'Olim."

1946   Began studying painting at the
           Histadrut studio in “Baitenu"
           in Haifa. His teachers were
           Menachem Shemi, Israel Paldi
           and Yochanan Simon.

1947   Enlisted in the Palmach and 
           served in the third regiment
           of the Yiftach Brigade. Was
           a member of the Hulata

1948   Fougth in the Galilee during the
           War of Liberation and was
           wounded in the capture of the
           Citadel in Safed.

1950   Worked as a land surveyor in
           the Settlement Department of
           the Jewish Agency for thirteen

1950   Continued painting in the
           Histadrut studio in Neveh
           Sha’ana in Haifa, under the
           guidance of Menachem
           Shemi and Avraham Yaskil.

1953   Married Rachel Kadishai.
           Two sons and a daughter were
           born to the couple: Omri,
           Achai, and Dafna.

1958   Was awarded the Haifa 
           Municipality’s Herman
           Shtruk Prize.

1964   Was awarded a grant for
           young artists by the
           America- Israel Cultural

1965   Traveled to Paris for a year
            of study and painting.

1977   Taught painting at Haifa

1978   Taught painting at the art 
           school in Ein Hod.

1979   Taught painting at the Art
           Institute at the Oranim

1999   Died in Haifa.